One thing I love about living in the city is that I can get HVAC installation in Manhattan, NY in a hurry. An unexpected failure of my air conditioner left me sweating bullets for a while, but when I called an installation company, they rushed to my home with a new air conditioner faster than I could blink. They popped in the new air conditioner and took the old one out and put it on their truck without skipping a beat. It was like one of those pit crews that change the tires at the race track. They performed like a well oiled machine, or in this case, I guess a well oiled air conditioner.

My brother came over the same day with his children. If they had come while the air conditioner wasn’t working, they would have been hot, and kids don’t like to be hot for long. They start to complain, and eventually they start jumping around like cartoon characters. I did have a backup plan to deal with this in the form of water balloons and water guns, but I decided that we would save that for another day. Instead I decided to have a little cookout in the backyard.

My brother brought some chicken and I had some honeydew chopped up and chilling in the freezer. My brother and I always try to take control of the grill because each of us feels that we are a better cook than the other person. I have my own spice rub and sauce that I like to use, while my brother has his own. We decided to let the kids judge which one was better by having a competition. When we asked the kids which one they liked more, they couldn’t make up their minds. I guess to them, it didn’t matter.


Web Design 2Web configuration can be a charming and satisfying background. It’s an exchange that joins specialized aptitudes with inventive capacity. On the off chance that you feel good with PC innovation and you appreciate making archives, web outline can be an awesome approach to consolidate the two hobbies.

That being said, it’s continually overpowering to think about learning as another ability. Before figuring out how to wind up a web fashioner, you ought to ask yourself, “Would it be advisable for me to end up a web creator?”

There have been a lot of delights, additionally a lot of disappointments. In case you’re considering turning into a web fashioner, there are a few things you ought to remember.

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Graphic DesignOwning a realistic thinking of organization can be entirely feverish in light of the fact that various customers who just adjustment their necessities step by step as indicated by their psyche changes. So it’s fundamental that you just correspond legitimately with the customer before tackling the task. A few terms which may encourage your to attempt to in this way are; talk about the due date issues, installment terms, the fine art that must be given and the entre adaptation of your work exceptionally well and if potential get it recorded on a bit of paper as an agreement and after that get it marked by the buyer and you ought to likewise seal it with your marks.

Along these lines you should dependably record the installment that is expected contrasted with the work that you’ve done. Additionally, list the installment that must be finished by the customer in the event that he himself wipes out the undertaking or likewise express the installment that you’d settle for on the off chance that you scratch off the venture mid way.

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Fundamental Web DesignAssignment conveyed through the World Wide Web are typically made through web plan. Therefore, web outline can be characterized as the expertise used to make these presentations. Originators make such presentations utilizing the web program or programming, for example, web TV customers, RSS perusers and microblogging customers. The product utilized must be web – empowered. This is normaly done with a specific end goal to produce a compilation of electronic records situated on a server. It is likewise fundamental for the presentation of substance and in addition intuitive elements or interfaces so that the end client can without much of a stretch access them as pages. Web plan includes the position of a few components including content and bit-map pictures, for example, gifs, JPEGs and also GIFs on the page. The utilization of HTML, XML and XHTML helps creators to put these web components.

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Web Design ServicesComputerized advertising has turned into the most effective weapon for organizations hoping to make an imprint in the web world. What’s more, the initial phase during the time spent computerized showcasing is to have a professionally composed site prepared for your business. This is the place site plan administrations come into the photo. In this post I am going to share some essential things that you have to consider before selecting an organization for your site outline needs –

What are your desires?

Each business has a set target gathering of people. Before you pick somebody who can offer you with your site some assistance with designing, you require have a thought in the matter of what would you like to accomplish with the site? Will it be intended to catch a specific arrangement of gathering of people? Is it going to be brimming with data? Is it going to be a wellspring of good times for the guests? What’s more, get answer to comparative different inquiries. All things considered, the architect will likewise need to recognize what you anticipate from his/her administration. Continue Reading


Website VisitorsIt is safe to say that you are glad for the items and administrations you offer available to be purchased? It is safe to say that you are certain that your clients will return for additional? Do you have an alluring site that offers your products? Lamentably that is insufficient to make an online business fruitful. As essential as the aforementioned things might be, they are of little utilize when there are no guests to your site and the general population stay oblivious as to the presence of your merchandise and administrations. To beat this and give your business a head begin the most reasonable thing to do is purchase focused on site guests.

Why Purchase Website Visitors?

In the event that there is no movement there will be no deals. It is just when you have a consistent stream of guests that you can utilize other advertising procedures to keep them revisting and keen on your items. While there are other free strategies to accomplish the same results, for example, SEO, post web journals, remarks on discussions, and so on, they might take an uncommonly long time with no anticipated results. Purchasing movement however might demonstrate comes about overnight. Continue Reading


If your website is the centre point of your marketing strategies, then your homepage is the lobby of your business. Your website homepage determines whether a user will stay to interact with your brand or business further or will they leave you high and dry? Here are some things you can do to ensure that your website homepage makes a user want to stick around. 1.Be bold and be assuring Your website homepage needs to have main graphic or a dominant element such as a header or a slider that will grab user’s eyeballs. A headline is usually placed below this, along with a series of text, which is the first thing that a user will read. This passage of text is extremely critical because it has the role to assure a user that they have come to the right place and ensure that they stick on for more action. Reiterate your product category and try your best not to be generic. 2.Make users’ acquaintances You should then go on to introduce yourself in a sentence or a paragraph, depending on whatever your design allows for. Remember, this isn’t the place to brag about yourself or your achievements. Your consumer is paramount and you should really be addressing them here. Use words like -You’ rather than -We’. -We’ tends to sound preachy and cliquish, whereas -you’ is where the persuasion process begins. 3.Think search not SEO Your optimization efforts may be critical for your company, but your user doesn’t really need to see them. You can use meticulously researched keywords in your website homepage copy, but try not to overemphasize or overuse them. This leads to your copy looking gawky. Remember, at the end of the day, your main focus should be addressing a human being and not a crawler. 4.Do away with fluffy copy Great website homepage copy uses flair and not fluff to get to the point. Don’t ramble on and on with clichs and banalities that are bound to cut your consumer’s attention span even shorter. You have to edit your copy to make every word count to be able so that you can hold your consumer’ attention and engage them for a span of time. 5.Be friendly No one likes a wise guy. Don’t be a wise guy. Make your copy and the tone of voice that you use casual. If you sound high and mighty, your reader might think you’re too full of yourself and end the relationship then and there. Approach your reader as you would a new friend. Be yourself. The harder you try to impress your reader with industry buzzword babble, the further you are actually pushing them away 6.Be easy to navigate Your side bar or navigation bar needs to be simple and easy to understand, featuring windows, prominent pods, or sections with subheads that showcase portions of your website you want your consumers to interact with next.


A One Stop Site for Frequent, Everyday Information Requirements Makes an Advent >

One website which is not false and provides a range of information on several subjects.

The Web is the very first stop; most make when searching for info. Sifting through multiple websites in search of reliable information, nevertheless, is always a tall buy. With Atinaz.com, there is no need to look further. Here is one website that includes a variety of articles on a multitude of topics, all in one single spot.

Online writers research topics in depth before creating an easy-to-read articles because of their audience. The issues selected are to the point and provide an opinion on a range of subjects like Law, Basic Construction, Entertainment, Family and Children, Promotion, Marketing, IT and Engineering, Real Estate and much more. Every one of the internet publishers makes the effort bring out issues that are consistently sought after and to touch the pulse of their audience. Increase insight into the subjects that are in vogue together with assistance from blogs that are featured.

Each of the articles on Atinaz is exceptional as the subjects usually are not dealt with-in a generic manner. Common issues are taken up and dealt with exactly. These may range from being to avoid a blocked drain, to dealing with tree removal demands to learn to get a chimney installed and more. For instance, this article on Ways to Prevent Blocked Drain discussions about how a break-in the sewer line can be an irritating issue that may be solved by selecting local drain cleaners. Apart from this, it’s very hard to find where the sewer is broken which helps it be very hard to repair. The article also includes tips that are powerful to avoid drain clogging. Or it may be another interesting matter on Tree Removal that discusses using precautionary steps to be taken, how and why to employ an arborist the best tool, and removal costs.

Be it fire or a hobby, standing out in the bunch has become crucial to locating a person’s identity. Fashion connoisseurs additionally underscore the requirement to appear exceptional. So articles on hair correction to finding the perfect sunglasses can not be quite unhelpful.

Weight gain, depression, stress are a few of the normal difficulties being faced by men and women all over the world. With all the obesity epidemic spreading at an alarming rate, it’s not uncommon for weight reduction and dietetics counseling to look synonymous. Nevertheless, in spite of the scaling variety of Americans who are obese or overweight, most are are not aware that it could bring about asthma. Or it might be serious issues like how and where to get the best cure for somnambulism. Comprehensive research is done in order to bring out such informative articles. Every one of these is discussed in detail on the website.

Atinaz is the response to the requirement for a single point website for info on various subjects by in a concise and clear way.


B2B websites can offer huge opportunities for international traders. This article offers detailed information on how these business to business websites work.

A B2B website serves two parties – the buyer and the seller. These are also known as leads. The main function of this website is to enable visitors to find the leads they want in the shortest possible time. A buyer may be looking for seller leads, and a seller may be looking for buyer leads.

By using the search function, one can easily locate the right type of leads on a B2B website. The search tool will allow a visitor to search by country, and to view only buyer or seller leads. The search starts when the visitor enters a few keywords (likely to be keywords for some product or service), select the required options, and click on the search button. The website will then make a query to the database and return the search results.

Alternatively, a visitor may choose to browse the leads in the business directory. Similarly, he can choose to see leads from a certain country, or only buyer or seller leads. These two simple functions will help the visitor locate the leads that he wants quickly.

To serve the needs of international traders, the better B2B websites even allow freight forwarders to list their services for free. This is important for any import export business. With the information, an online visitor can easily check the charges for using these services when importing from various countries. In addition, you may also expect to see information for trade show events that are posted for free by trade event organizers.

Given the numerous benefits offered by B2B websites, one would expect a listing to be pricey. However, contrary to popular believe, a listing in a B2B website can cost as little as 25 USD a year. Often, B2B also allow businesses to sign up for free. They do so because they want businesses to try out their services, and also because they want to attract as many leads as possible. Active B2B directories with many active business listings are certainly more valuable to international traders.

Sometimes, when visiting a B2B website, you may come across a special feature called “Keyword Auction”. Keyword auction allows businesses to bid for higher positions in the B2B directory. For example, when a user searches using a keyword phrase “phone”, your contact details may be listed at the bottom of the page. As such, the user didn’t have a chance to contact you. For more exposure, you may want to consider using this feature to bid for a higher position. This gives you greater visibility, and will allow you to receive more leads.

Finally, for maximum exposure, you can always buy banner advertising on a B2B website. This is more costly than listing services or keyword auction, but it will attract attention more easily. If the products and services you offer have a more general appeal, this advertising channel may work well for you.

As you can see, there are many ways to advertise your services on a B2B website. Be sure to choose those that will give you the maximum return on investment.


Every business needs a website, it is amongst the first investment decisions a new business owner has to make.

Visiting the Business Start-up show at Excel yesterday demonstrated how shop-in-a-box software companies are targetting the small business owner in a big way. On the walk-way between the station and the show entrance I was handed no less than 5 flyers, from different companies offering a range of want to make money online easily solutions ranging from 299 to 699. None of these businesses were actually exhibiting inside and there were a lot of flyers in the bins, but nevertheless, where budgets are tight and a website is a priority, if you throw enough sh*t, some of it will stick. This numbers game, operated by the resellers is bound to get some of the thousands of attendees thinking, I would guess the appealing sales pitch would sway the odd start-up to part with some of their limited budget in pursuit of internet riches.

Once inside the exhibition I was greeted by a row of probably 10 more flyer passers (an individual paid a pittance by a company (probably) to stand and hand a flyer to each delegate on entry), on inspection 3 of these were for cheap website retail solutions. I was starting to feel a little bombarded  imagine how the start-up must be feeling at this point  information overload!

Of the exhibitors I would suggest that at least 20% were either website companies or companies that provide a website solution as part of their business set-up package. Every new business needs a website and the Start-up show presents the perfect demographic. Of the flyers and information I gathered, prices ranged from 499 to 899, but some of these deals included other items including company formation, printed materials and marketing consultancy  too good to be true?

Will a shop-in-a-box website deliver? It really depends on what you want it to deliver!

Of the shop-in-a-box offerings I have researched since the show, the following questions are pertinent:

Will I have my range of products online? yes

Will my shop-in-a-box website be fully compliant and suited to the search engine criteria? no

Will my shop-in-a-box website keep pace with the constant changes in the SEO world? no

Will I be able to add additional features that I have seen on my competitor websites? no

Will my shop-in-a-box website be uniquely designed and different to your other customers? no

Will my shop-in-a-box website include full security, merchant processing, back office management solutions and everything I need to make money online? no

Need I go on? no

If the answer to any of the above questions is no, then maybe you should consider that if owning a website is one of the most important investment decisions a start-up has to make, a shop-in-a-box is unlikely to fulfil your aspirations of internet success.

I dont me to be unfair, but the very nature of businesses touting flyers without coughing up to exhibit is one thing, the way exhibitors were undervaluing their website offering by mass market selling is another but the deal breaker for me was that my under-cover questioning of some of the sales people revealed the dreams that they were spouting  pitches included we have one client making 10k per week through his site and one client now owns more than 40 of our websites because they are making him rich. Needless to say they wouldnt tell me the highly successful companies in question due, to client confidentiality.

I have never seen a shop-in-a-box website feature high up on the search engines. I have met a few businesses in my time who have invested in one, it didnt work so they then have to consider a realistic budget to buy a website that is built for them, does everything they want it to, and has a chance of making their dreams of internet success come true.

A retail website
is afterall a 24/7 sales person representing your business, charged with the task of bringing you a return on investment. A good retail website is a lot cheaper than a sales person, but a bit more expensive than 299. It should be viewed as an investment and not a cost.

With everything in life you get what you pay for. Dont buy cheap, youll buy twice!


The passion of World Wide Web keep growing and growing these days. Business realizes the benefits of being on the web in the present time. If we want to build and expand our business in world wide then its essential for us to make a good web site, so that people can easily visits our website and came to know about our business and our product and our services.

A website is an online identity of a company or of an individual involved in Internet Marketing. The task associated with the website is to represent a company, sell companys name, attract more visitors, generate more business leads, promote more sale of companys products and services and ultimately, help to gain more return on investment.

In this era of advanced technology, electronic commerce have highly dominated the marketing practice, and due to easy availability and affordability of the Internet, people are running after it and making huge profit at the comfort of their home.

As a serious online business person, what is important for your business is, to prepare a website that is well designed, attractive, easy to navigate, highly usable, good content, full of relevant information, enough functionalities and are capable of retaining visitors for long and make them come back again.

School, college institutions are therefore finding it convenient to go online with the craze of internet surfer. Internet as a mode of promoting and advertising ones brand can prove beneficial.

The advantage one can look for are:

Wider reach
Saves time
Cheaper for advertising than paper-print
Eco- friendly
Increase ones credibility
Upgrades ones standard
Interactive communication

Apart from all those above mentioned factors there are innumerable reasons why one should opt for a professional website for ones institution.

Every institution whether big or small, pre-school kinder garden or primary school, secondary or high school, college or university should have its own website. This not only upgrades ones credibility as an institution but also emancipates ones standard.

Information one could put across:

Institutions profile
Founders and trustee
Institutions vision, mission and value
Charity work and portfolio
Courses available
All this information and inputs are for sure cannot be displayed over print advertising media.

As a serious online business person, what is important for your business is, to prepare a website that is well designed, attractive, easy to navigate, highly usable, good content, full of relevant information, enough functionalities and are capable of retaining visitors for long and make them come back again.

We know, Web is the visual interface and what people look on the Web will be manipulated and interpreted into their mind and perception. So while designing a website, you must be careful about the use of color effects, lights, visual effects, positioning and size of contents and use of search engine friendly technology, so that people must remember your website name first and search you first on the Web.

To achieve all the above mentioned strategies, your website building needs a professional touch from qualified website designers and developers who can put their best acquired knowledge and experience to make a suitable portal that can turn each visitors into potential buyers.

Website can be a good way to showcase your institution brand to people especially parents or guardian. They can anytime, anywhere opt for the information they are seeking.